Baby Sunglasses

When the sun starts shining bright, you'll need some shades to beat back those harmful UV rays. So, if your little one is vacationing with you or just spending more time outside, they should have baby sunglasses to stay protected!
Magic Coconuts offers trendy, high-quality, and stylish sunglasses for happy babies! Our sunglasses keep your little one's eyes protected from the sun's harmful UV radiation, allergens, and dust, and makes sure they look their most charming self.

Baby Sunglasses

Whether it's a pool party, a beach brunch, or a day at the park – our sunglasses will keep your little one looking adorable. We have baby sunglasses for newborns to 3 year old babies, and our collection is equally extensive for both boys and girls.

Though smaller in size, our babies' sunglasses offer excellent shielding against the wild natural elements and provide additional benefits such as flexible frames, straps, shatterproof lenses, funky shapes, cool colors, and face-conforming designs.

With so many fun and trendy designs to choose from, you can buy the right pair for your child's face cut, style preference, and mandatory eye protection.

Leverage our worldwide shipping and order the perfect pair for your baby now!

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Sunglasses for Babies

You might underestimate baby sunglasses' importance, but this eyewear piece helps protect children's eyesight while also protecting their delicate skin. Do you know why their eyes and skin are at risk? This is due to the UV rays coming directly from the sun. But first, let's understand what these rays are.

UV Rays: Types & Effects

The UV rays have three different types as follows:

UVA : These are the longest wavelength rays and are not absorbed by the earth. Hence, UVA rays can penetrate deep into the eyes and skin, causing premature aging.

UVC : These rays have the shortest wavelength and are almost entirely absorbed by the earth, so we do not have to worry about them. However, UVA and UVB rays can do a lot of damage.

UVB : These rays are shorter in wavelength and are partially filtered out by the ozone and partially absorbed by the earth. Still, some of these rays manage to stay in the atmosphere and pose health risks such as sunburns and ocular conditions.

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Health Risks Of UVA & UVB Rays

Here are some of the common health risks associated with exposure to UVA & UVB rays:

Macular Degeneration : This condition affects the central part of the retina and causes blurred vision.
Cataracts : This is one of the most common eye problems, and it causes the lens of the eyes to become cloudy. The proteins in the lens start to break down and clump together, causing decreased vision.

Pterygium : Excess UV radiation can often result in an abnormal divide of the eye cells. As a result, a pink-colored growth forms on the white of the eye which can cause blurred vision.
Cancer : Exposure to UV rays can damage the DNA in the cells and lead to cancer. The most common type of eye cancer is melanoma, which can be fatal if it is not caught early.

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Besides the above, UV rays can also cause Photokeratitis & Photoconjunctivitis – more like sunburn in the eyes. So, how can you keep your kids safe from all these health risks? Sunscreen and a hat can really help them keep their heads cool and skin safe, but they need good eye protection as well.

How Do Baby Sunglasses Help?

Babies’ sunglasses can provide their sensitive eyes the mandatory protection from the harsh UV rays. Here’s what sunglasses do:

Block UV Rays : Sunglasses with adequate UV protection keep your child's eyes safe from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. We have already discussed how threatening long exposure to UV rays can be.
Reduce Glare : Polarized sunglasses for kids reduce glare, making it easier for your child to see in bright sunlight. This is especially important when your child is traveling or playing outdoors.

Protect baby's Sensitive Skin

Keep Eyes Cool : The sun's heat can cause a lot of discomfort to your child's eyes. Sunglasses help keep the eyes cool and protected from the sun's heat.
Prevent Eye Infections : Sunglasses protect your child's eyes from dust, wind, and other particles in the air which can cause eye infections or irritation.

So, make sure your child always has a good pair of polarized sunglasses with proper UV protection to safeguard their delicate eyes. But, finding a reliable and affordable kids’ sunglasses brand can be a bit of an uphill task. This is where Magic Coconuts can save the day!

Magic Coconuts: Protective Sunglasses For Happy Kids

Magic Coconuts features a range of sunglasses for babies that offer protection and style with comfort. We offer two types of baby sunglasses.

Baby Sunglasses With Strap

This style of baby sunglasses has a strap that goes around the back of the head to keep them in place and these are often known as wrap-around sunglasses. These are ideal for active babies who move around a lot, as the straps will ensure that the sunglasses stay put. Baby sunglasses with straps are perfect for children ages 2 and below.

Baby Sunglasses Without Strap

These are traditional sunglasses without a strap or headband and are often called sit-in-place baby sunglasses. They work very well for children ages 2 and above.

Why buy From Magic Coconuts?

Customers from all across the world love Magic Coconuts’ stylish and protective sunglasses for toddlers! Not only do they provide 100% protection against UV rays, but they also keep your child's eyes shielded from dust and other harmful pollutants. Our sunglasses frames are flexible yet strong and come at reasonably affordable prices. Plus, our collection features a variety of fun and stylish designs that your child will love. So, whether your baby adores bright colors or wants something different and unique, we have the perfect pair of shades for them. Have any questions? Read our FAQs section to find more information.