5 Tips To Protect Your Infant’s Eyes From The Sun

Did you know that doctors recommend protecting children’s (infant’s) eyes from as early as 6 months old?

Yes, it’s true!

An infant’s eyes are sensitive to light for three reasons. First, their internal organs and retina are not fully developed. Secondly, they have larger pupils and clearer eye lenses than adults. 

This combination of large pupils and clearer eye lenses allow more sunlight to pass through them, causing excessive UV rays exposure.

This could lead to several eye problems and vision issues. Cataracts, Pterygium, Macular Degeneration, and Photokeratitis are a few serious problems that can harm your child when he grows up.

So, how do you save your infant's eyes from the harmful UV radiation?

Don’t worry. We’re here today with 5 simple yet effective tips that can help protect your little one’s eyes.

1. Wear a hat.

One of the best ways to protect your infant’s eyes from the sun is by making them wear a hat. But, make sure to use a hat that covers the eyes well. A hat that has a brim all the way around is ideal.

Brim hats help block harmful UV rays from all angles and keep your infant’s eyes protected.

2. Use a stroller with a cover or sun protection.

If you’re spending time outdoors with your infant, keep them in a stroller with sufficient sun protection.

Besides keeping your baby safe from wind, light rain, flying insects, and dust, a stroller with sun protection will protect your baby’s eyes and skin safe from sunlight.

3. Avoid taking your infant out during peak sun hours.

The sun’s rays are usually the strongest between 10am and 4pm. If possible, try to avoid being outdoors during these times.

If you must be outdoors, take extra precautions to protect your infant’s eyes from the sun’s rays.

4. Seek shade when outside.

If you are outdoors and can find some shade, make sure to take advantage of it. Keep your eyes open for a bench under a tree or outdoor seating under a canopy/shade.

This will help reduce the amount of UV rays exposed to your infant.

5. Use Sunglasses

One of the most effective and convenient methods that don’t ruin your family’s “going out” experience is to use baby sunglasses for your infant. Sunglasses provide the necessary protection to the baby’s extra sensitive eyes and the surrounding skin.

However, making an infant wear sunglasses could be quite a challenge in itself.

But, we’ve cracked it and wrote a FREE and easy-to-follow 10-Step Guide To Make Your Infant Wear & Love Sunglasses.

So, these are some tried and tested tips that will help you protect your infant's eyes from the sun and prevent any serious eye problems.